Just a two-hour flight from Hollywood, Vancouver has become the third largest centre for the film industry in North America -- hence its nickname, "Hollywood North."

After all, the movie industry pumps $1 billion a year into the local economy, and with flicks like the new Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian and Twilight: New Moon being shot here, word is out that Vancouver is picking up the glitter of its American Tinseltown sister.

Chalk it up to lower production costs and a climate that's conducive to year round shooting and Vancouver has become a hit with movie producers and movie stars alike. This actually isn't a completely new thing. In fact, celebrity lore has tangled with Vancouver since the days when Gary Cooper hitched a ride back to the Fairmont Hotel on a passing street-cleaning machine.



The character-defining elements that make it a great opportunity for film-makers include: 

  • it's considerable scale, and rectangular form and massing compared to other building in the neighbourhood.   
  • it's downtown location and proximity to some of Vancouver's most famous sites. 
  • it's functional and physical relationship with the Phoenix Hotel at 237 East Hastings Street 
  • it's similarity in design with other buildings within the Hastings Street strip and adjoining neighbourhoods 
  • it's Edwardian style characteristics including: alternating use of smooth and rusticated stone bands to the entire face of the building.  It also boosts imported pressed brick and sandstone lintels and sills. 
  • It's interior characteristics, include mosaic tile entry in white, red and shades of green, which extends into the interior lobby, and two-toned Italian marble wainscoting which lines the foyer, stairwell and mezzanine stairs 

For more information about filming at The Empress Hotel please contact us: (604) 681-5364